Simon Paarlberg

Security Now and Steve Gibsons Twitter feed combined

Posted at — Nov 22, 2013

I’m an avid listener to Security Now. A couple of weeks ago someone wrote in to the program asking Steve Gibson to publish the snow notes. Steve answered, that most of the stuff he was talking about on the show had been posted on his twitter stream at SGgrc.

However this is a problem, since the show is released as a podcast and many listeners dosn’t people go back in the archive and listens to old episodes.

It is then hard for them to find the links Steve is talking about, when everything is piled together in one stream.

So I solved the problem. I have made a simple page that aggregates Steve Gibsons twitter feed with the dates of the shows. It can be found here:

The feed comes in two versions; A cropped one that goes back a year and a full one that goes all the way back to 2010-05-05 when Steve wrote his first tweet.

The source code for the generation scripts can be found here on GitHub:

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