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Podcasts I listen to

Jun 14, 2016   #podcast 
People sometimes ask me what Podcasts I listen to. So I've made a list. Its dynamic and will be keps up to date.

How to use Python virtualenv

Feb 11, 2014   #python 
Tutorial on how to set up Pythons virtualenv. virtualenv makes it possible to have a fully working Python environment outside the global scope. This becomes handy when working on different projects.

Notifying with Pushover when Transmission is done downloading a torrent

Dec 15, 2013   #transmission  #pushover  #torrent 
Post on how to set up Transmission to notify via the Pushover service when a download is finished.

Security Now and Steve Gibsons Twitter stream combined

Nov 22, 2013   #securitynow  #twitter 
I created a simple page that combines Steve Gibsons Twitter stream with the episodes of Security Now, to list in chronological order the notes of the show.

Installing Zabbix GUI on Debian Wheezy (with dotdeb, MySQL and lighttpd)

Nov 4, 2013   #zabbix  #linux 
Swift installation process of how to get the Zabbix GUI up and running on Debian Wheezy.

Model namespace hierarchy in Laravel 4

Jul 10, 2013   #php  #composer 
How to structure a hierarchy of models in L4 so they can be loaded and become part of the project.

Import timezone info from PHP to MySQL

Mar 11, 2013   #php  #mysql 
Script for importing timezone information from PHP into MySQL.

The way to remove unique database entries without deleting them

Feb 26, 2013   #mysql 
The DELETE statement in database management is important, but it should rarely be used. You should never remove anything. Sometimes you want to keep those records alive in the system for statistics or for data-protection like undelete. Instead you should simply soft-delete them.

Latent Semantic Analyses (LSA)

Jun 28, 2012   #lsa  #dtu 
LSA is a vector-based method that assumes that words that share the same meaning also occur in the same texts. This is done through Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to utilizing vector-based cosine similarities.